Here’s How Direct Mail Can Help Universities in Encouraging Students

Encouraging students to apply for various courses isn’t an easy task. Get over the millennials, because Generation Z is more tech-savvy and choosy with their career choices. While online marketing does helps and is relevant, universities need to use direct mail services. There are various advantages of using direct mail along with email marketing, and here’s a quick take on relevant aspects.

Clearing dates are particularly important for students and universities alike. Clearing accounts for around 20% of enrolments, and it is important to plan for it. By hiring an experienced direct mail service, it is possible to boost numbers exponentially ahead of next clearing period in 2019.

Is Generation Z interested in direct mail?

Online marketing is saturated at this moment. Too many sponsored posts, multiple ads and emails are being targeted towards students for education marketing, but the impact isn’t as great as many may claim. Emails often go unread, and students want to know universities better through tangible information. That’s exactly where direct mail fits in. Also, Gen Z might not be as interested in the internet as expected. MNI reports pointed out that more than 60% of this segment, which responded to the report, agreed that this generation could do better than from unplugging more. More than 80% use print media for getting information. It is expected this generation can be pivotal for reviving print. No wonder, there’s considerable focus on direct mailing.

Strategical planning is important

Marketing requires planning and foresight. You can always hire direct mail companies for the job, but the better brief you offer, the better it may work. Check how direct mail marketing campaigns have worked for the university in the past and analyze results of your marketing efforts for cleaning. It is necessary to focus on highlights of university courses and offer information that students want to read.  Also, having a budget helps the mailing house in sorting choices.

Marketing brochures are necessary

Students need to know the university courses and lifestyle within the campus better, for which marketing brochures are more than important. For the longest time, marketing brochures have been a part of education marketing, and it stills holds relevance because brochures convey messages better and can be stored for students to come back later. With personalised direct mailing, you can connect with students better every year. Talk to your marketing company to know how they can design the brochure better. Dimensional mail can be also used effectively for promoting university courses, but do consider the costs of postage and design. Dimensional mail gives students a reason to respond and offers better returns on investment.

Pros of direct mail marketing

There are enough reasons to engage direct mail companies for your marketing needs. Firstly, direct mail ensures some sort of response from students, and in a way, it builds brand value for the university. Also, it also feels like a personal response on part of the management and has an unusually high response rate.

Get in touch with a reliable direct mail service to know more!