Helping Your Child Enter Clearing

If you are a parent whose child has not gotten into a chosen university, you can still direct him or her to enter Clearing. Clearing is a UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) process that matches course vacancies with certain universities. This matching process is done so students can secure a place academically.

When Clearing Opens

Clearing opens in mid-August, or on A Level results day, and runs through October 23rd. A student should contact universities right away, or on A Level results day, to ensure a place. A listing of course vacancies are either featured in The Daily Telegraph or the UCAS website. Use this information to sit down with your son or daughter to short-list the courses and universities they are interested in pursuing.

Refrain from Calling

When helping your child make a selection, do not try to pressure him or her into making a certain choice. He or she must be comfortable about the decision made during uni clearing in 2018. For your child to apply, he or she needs to possess the Clearing number, exam results, and a personal statement. Do not make the contact calls for your child. It makes a better impression for an applicant to do the calling.

Follow Up with an Email

The secret to realising success during Clearing is to persist in phoning each of the universities until one of the institutions makes an offer. Sometimes, it is difficult to get through to a university during this period. However, encourage your child to continue. He or she should also send an email with the required information to the university’s admissions department.

Strengthening an Application

If your child has decided that they are not ready to participate in Clearing this year, they can use the extra time to re-sit exams or participate in activities that will strengthen their application. For example, a university might perceive a student with more favour if he or she obtained the relevant volunteer or work experience needed.

Making a Decision

As you can see, you can take steps to ensure your child is happy with his or her decision to attend university. You just need to make sure the role you assume is one that will support their goals. Again, you do not want your child to feel unduly pressured. Instead, it is better to direct your child positively whilst he or she determines the best route to take.

Take note of the dates and carefully review the courses during Clearing. Also, remember that all the universities do not participate in Clearing. For instance, Cambridge or Oxford do not enter Clearing. Therefore, your son or daughter will have to wait another year if they want to attend one of these two institutions.