Finding the Safest Way to Success At Your First DJ Gig

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Most of the nightclub DJs claim to possess the shamanistic powers which make the party lovers go crazy and beyond the realms of the real world. It is indeed in the powers of music which can control their movements and make them look like a unified whole. Music has always had control over the mood of human beings, and men would love to lose himself dance to the relentless beat struck by an army of drummers.

Back in the days of vinyl records, when music was restricted only to one class, the DJs had to toil hard to gain this loft status. Before the world of digitization, it was really tough to mix the records in the night club, and one needed thorough technical discipline along with mastering the art of chord progressions. There’s no doubt about the skill set needed in order to flit in between two records which have got two different beats and keys as well. Such a rigorous mixing of sound progressions perfectly done would actually mean creating a unique music- all that one waits for in the clubs.

Those who are new and are pretty much excited about their first gig must be highly excited and going through the right steps will only help in making it successful. In the world of digitization, taking reference from anyone of the online DJ courses is no big a deal, and when coupled up with practice, fighting with the frustrating problems just gets easy. Here are some of the common mistakes that one would easily avoid by going through the online course available on the Web.

  • Nowadays, laptops are the most quintessential equipment required to keep the processing on. While many of your friends might have higher version laptops, switching to any one of those in the last few minutes might turn out to be a big disaster. In order to avoid the confusions involved in using the new equipment, one must stick to the ones in which they are familiar with. They might not be as fancy as your friend’s or even slower, but comfort is a big factor in enhancing your performance.
  • One thing that you should have in your mind before playing on your first gig, is the crowd that will be standing in front of you. Playing within the room and in front of a huge crowd has an immense difference, and there will be both praises and criticisms waiting for you. Make sure you learn well from them because not allowing them to derail you is one of the greatest skills of DJing.
  • Being one of the budding DJ players, it cannot be expected to have dealt with a lot of hardware malfunctions. And this is something that you are ought to face. Be it the frayed cable or a crashed out system, the end result is breakage of music. So just like a game of Football, always have an alternative plan ready at your hand. The plan B will be your savior when your plan A fails.

Finally, it’ll be the music that will speak to you. Know well what the crowd likes. Keep trying some mix and match as that help you get the idea of what the crowd like. It is your first gig, make sure it isn’t your last.