Explore the top 7 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

Making yourself prepared for an interview is nerve-wracking as well as exciting. On the other hand, to land yourself a good job, it is not just enough to pass from top dental schools in Canada. Along with that, you need to display your potential at the fullest. Apart from that your soft skills like communication and a positive attitude are even tested. Successful candidates are the one who has knowledge in dental hygiene and more than that great ability to apply it.

Give yourself the proper time to go through the interview questions and whatever the teachings are provided in dental schools in Canada if used effectively can help you come out with flying colors.  To get yourself best chance to overcome the interview questions, here are the most common ones which you must explore.

1. Describe regarding your average day as a hygienist?

Here you need to specify regarding the job done on a routine basis like teeth examination, any disease sign in gums, cleaning of dental deposits, diagnostic tests, partial periodontal therapy and many such dental related examinations and therapies which you have studied in dental schools in Canada.

2. Did you have experience of performing any task apart from your routine work?

At times, dental hygienists may have to apply fillings, perform radiographs and under dentist’s supervision have to administer certain minor treatments. If you are aware of such task or attended any training, you should mention it in your interview. This question is basically to judge the varied skills of yours.

3. Do you consider yourself a team player?

Explain that although you think creatively, you also have the quality of a team player.  In dental practice, you need to manage everything and take care of fellow employees. For instance, you can say that with your supportive nature you can assist anyone.

4. How do you handle a situation where a patient is dissatisfied?

Dental schools in Canada teaches you the basic skills but this question is to test your soft skills. You can give a specific reply to this and say that you listen to the patient carefully and give a proper explanation in a compassionate manner.

5. Why should we hire you?

You can list down your strengths and then have an illustration to support that strength. This way you are able to acknowledge the requirements of the interviewer.

6. Can you educate patients about dental home care?

Here you can share the teaching of your dental hygienist school and describe how you can create awareness regarding dental care at home to patients.

7. Have you worked with children?

In case you have, share your experience regarding instructions you have given health education to school children.