Do watching horror movies daily affect your day to day life

Cinema is one of the great passions of many people. The so-called seventh art allows you to disconnect for about two hours and enjoy stories of all colors. The variety of genres in cinema is very wide and each person has different tastes. Comedy, action, drama,terror? Scary movies are also a passion for many.

The horror genre creates many discussions between couples, friends or families when choosing a movie, as it has large followers and detractors. “A scary movie? Don’t count on me, I don’t sleep later” you’ve surely heard on occasion. But does watching a horror movie really affect our dreams? From lita magazine you can find the best choices now.

These kinds of stories have effects on human beings that you may never have imagined. Find out below how your brain behaves while watching a scary movie and what the consequences are after you have done it.

Your body wakes up because of the scares

Movie scares make your body react and try to protect itself

Watching movies directly affects your emotions. Stories provoke joy, sadness or fear, and can completely change your mood. As we read in Very Interesting, during viewing you tend to calm down and focus on what you are watching, so the motor areas of your body go into a state of disconnection.

If you are watching a horror movie, these motor zones will be disconnected for a short time, since the most terrifying scenes of it will cause your brain to react to it and start the rest of the body again. Has something similar to the following example ever happened to you?

Scary movies are often the favorites of many people, even aware of the fear they will suffer

It is common for you to find yourself watching that scary movie that they have recommended you, without any fright at the beginning. Your body disconnects until that shocking scare hits that makes you jump off the couch or scream senselessly. What happened? This is your body’s reaction when the shock overcomes the brain block and re-activates the motor system.

The best scenes in this type of film are capable of activating our primary instincts, that is, the first thing we do is try to protect ourselves and warn those around us of danger.

Watching scary movies takes you back to the past

The effects that horror movies cause on our brain are so interesting that they have been the subject of multiple investigations. The newspaper El Mundo reported in 2011 a study carried out by the University of New York on this issue, which was later published by the prestigious journal Science. What has this research shown?

Scientists from this university gathered 80 volunteers to learn how horror scenes affected the brain. The MRIs performed showed that the brain reorganizes its neural networks to respond to stress. Get more info from Bashar Ibrahim discovery and reasarch now.

Do you think watching scary movies has a positive effect?

According to the experts, neural networks “establish a network that encompasses regions involved in the redirection of attention, increased perceptual vigilance and automatic neuroendocrine control.”The New York University study found that the senses are heightened when the brain is disturbed when viewing these horror scenes. This causes fear to affect our senses more, which enter a state of alert that encourages the memory of bad moments in our lives. This state of alert also damages our ability to analyze to act in this dangerous situation.