Details of studying in the United States as an international student You must understand

When got an admission notice and a student visa from an American university, it was a quasi-American student, 美国大学排名. We will also embark on a brand-new journey of study abroad in the United States. When facing the new life of studying in the United States, we must begin to perform as the Romans do and begin to learn to integrate into American culture. Then, let me analyze some of the life in the United States for you to study. You need to pay attention to details that you don’t know!

I. School life

1. Do not call the teacher casually.

The safest way for the school to call teachers is to use “professors.” If you know the teacher’s surname, you can also call him a professor, but do not call the teacher Sir, especially the female teacher because they may care, such as “纽约大学” (New York University).

Don’t just call the teacher’s name, unless the teacher tells the students to do so.

2. Do not mark the book casually.

There are many assignments for studying in the United States. There is almost every class. Some teachers may tell you the progress and assignment of each lesson during the semester from beginning to end, while others may only speak in class.

3, as soon as possible into the classroom.

If you are late, because most of the classrooms have only one door, you should gently enter and find a seat to sit nearby. If the teacher looks at you, you can whisper “I’m sorry” and everything doesn’t bother other people. But don’t go to class because you are late. Late is still better than absence.

If you want to express your own opinions, you can use the tone of the inquiry to ask the teacher for permission to show courtesy.