Breaking the myths related to online education

Online education has been a success in world education scenario. It is considered to be a landmark in the education and opening new opportunities for the masses. However, with the fame and popularity, different stories also start generating around it. To reveal the truth behind these stories, it is important to discuss them once for a while.

In the fall of 2013, almost 6 million of students from the United States of America took at least one online course. Due to such popularity, people who are envy to this new addition in world education started spreading rumors about it and also some students making some myths about it too. However, those students who have been using online academic services like dissertation help know the reality behind these myths. Still, addressing those myths are important, and this is what I am going to do now. In the next lines of this article, I am going to break some famous myths related to online education so students can make right decisions.

It is an easier form of education:

Due to numerous benefits, online education is providing to masses and increasing popularity of this among students, people have started believing that it is an easier form of education that is why people are favoring it. On the contrary, getting an online degree is as tough as it supposed to be. A student has to put the same amount of effort to clear the semesters as he put in any university of brick and mortar. The academic course content and material is nearly same both regarding complexity and length.

No accreditation:

Another myth regarding the online colleges and universities is that these are not accredited and transferring credit hours to these colleges are not possible. There are few online colleges and universities like this but not all. All the major online colleges are accredited by their local government accreditation body. They all have their own accreditation policy which not only allows students to transfer their credit hours from any other university but can also transfer credit hours to another school or for higher education.

Cheating is common:

It is a shame that cheating and corruption is part of our educational system. Though, online education is the only form of education which get the blame for it most. It is true that there are some websites from which students can find all the solved exam papers of some of the leading online colleges and universities, but these institutions also have methods of verifying it.

These universities use the manual method of paper checking that allows these institutions to verify either paper is plagiarized or not. Moreover, not every online college relies on the online methods of taking tests and papers. They often organize physical location for any test when they feel that any student need to be checked once.

Online Degrees are not acceptable:

One of the biggest myth and the reason why people hesitate taking admission in online college is the myth about the worth of online degrees. Conversely, online degrees are much in demand than most of the traditional universities and colleges. Due to the element of self-study and independency online degree shows, companies love to hire people who don’t need anyone to motivate or guidance.