All You Need to Learn about PHR Certification Courses

Professional Human Resources certification is commonly known as PHR certification, which is a great choice for you if you want to gain an experience in HR professional to fulfill their career potential.

This certification is basically for those who usually have approximately two years of professional experience in HR. Not only this, it’s important to have a desire of improving their credentials and chances of getting the promotion.

 If you meet all of the above eligibility requirements, maybe it’s the right time for you to go for PHR Certification.

Applying and Paying for Certification in PHR
Basically, only two HR certification exams are there in a year, so it’s important for you to fill up the applications form quickly once they are out. Your application will be generally accepted from 5-2 months up until the exact date of exam. If you get late then your application may be accepted a month prior to the exam and you’ll be required to pay some extra fee of around $75 to submit the application.

You can complete your online submission of application at the official website of Human Resources Certification Institutes and the cost of the exam itself is $300.But usually, it depends on you, what method of preparation you choose.

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Preparation for the exam of PHR Certification
You must devote yourself physically. It’s also important for you to prepare yourself for the exam using the online materials available on certain websites and learning systems for the exam.
This exam is composed mainly of 6 sectors of HR knowledge:
• 12 percent of Strategic Business Management
• 26 percent of Workforce Planning and Employment
• 17 percent of Human Resource Development
• 16 percent of Total Rewards
• 22 percent of Employee and Labor Relations
• 7 percent of Risk Management

It’s expected that much of this knowledge can be obtained throughout your education as well as the career in Human Resource. Depending on your position in your professional life, your education, and your knowledge of HR, it may be a bit incomplete, so knowing which areas you need to study for passing the PHR Certification exam would help you attempting all the PHR exam questions correctly.

The PHR Certification Exam
The process of appearing in the exam, and the content that is featured in the exam, is supposed to be made predictable. You’ll get four hours to complete all of the PHR exam questions. The exam contains multiple-choice questions, 175 in number and they are made up of mainly six areas that are already mentioned above.

Final words telling the benefits of this exam
The certification in PHR makes you an outstanding candidate according to the employers’ perspective as compared to other people who haven’t done any certification courses.

All the certifications courses in HR requires you to again do the course after three years. It also serves one of the evidences that you meet all of the requirements to be eligible for the certifications, and also ensures that you have enough knowledge that’s necessary for the  HR professional to do the operations successfully.