7 Simple Steps How to Prepare an Amazing Capstone Project Proposal

Writing a capstone project proposal must be one of the most challenging tasks for students. You can see the end of the line, but this one project stands between you and your degree. It takes a lot of commitment to get it going, but the earlier you start, the easier it will be.

Students definitely have a lot on their plates and when an important project like this one rolls around, it can be overwhelming. It is important that you stay calm during these moments and get a plan of action in place. A capstone project proposal takes hard work, but you can get it done with these easy steps.

1.   Topic Decision

Before you can do anything, you want to write down a few topic ideas. A lot of students have one idea they believe will work and no backup. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to approach this project. When you have a backup, you save yourself a lot of time when the first one fails. Make sure your topic is not general, but allow for something a bit more challenging. The work you put in now to challenge yourself will show through your final product.

2.   Research

Tackle this project like you would any other. Start with your research sessions as soon as you can. It is important not to sleep on this one because your initial topic idea might not go as planned. Give yourself enough time to do in depth research and not just on the surface. You want to use credible resources when you do your research and not just a simple Google search.

3.   Outline

You need to create an outline of what you want your capstone proposal to look like. This is going to help you remain focused and not jump from one idea to the next. A clear outline will give you direction and help you stick to the proposed format. It does take some extra time to get done, but it is necessary to complete.

4.   Format

The format of your capstone proposal is very important and it is beneficial to stick to it. Make sure you have a clear idea of what the format is and then go ahead and apply it. It would be frustrating to write a great capstone proposal, only to lose marks on the format. This can be easily avoided with planning ahead. Look at a few examples if you must to get it just right.

5.   Get to work

Now that you have all of your bases ready, it is time to write the proposal. Do not panic before you get to it because you need your mind to be completely clear. You have done most of the hard work, so this process should be comfortable. It is important that you stick to your schedule for writing this proposal and not be distracted. Set some serious time aside to get it done.

6.   Proofread & Edit

Someone once said that the first draft is always going to be rubbish. It might not be that bad, but you always want to proofread and edit any writing. We get so excited when we write that we can easily make a few mistakes. With all the capstone ideas flowing, you can also ask a friend or family member to help with this. Keep a separate copy of your original work, in case you are not happy with their edits.

7.   Submit

This can be the most difficult step for a lot of students because the doubt starts setting in. You have done all that you can and instead of reading it a thousand times, submit the proposal. When you have gone through all of these steps, you cannot exactly redo it. At this point, send it in and relax.


When you have a plan before any project, you have better results. This is not one of those tasks that you can just wing. It needs structure and good time management skills. Following these steps are going to help you focus on the task at hand, but not become overwhelmed by the enormity thereof.