7 Fun Ways of Helping Kids Learn the ABCs

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The alphabets and numerals are the basics of education. Every parent wants their child to know these two basics before they even go to the kindergarten. Every child is different and what may be easy for one child may be difficult for another. This makes it difficult to develop a standard method for teaching the ABCs and the 123s. It has, however, been established that kids are able to learn the alphabets faster if the learning process is interesting to them. Here are some fun ways to learn the alphabets.

1.    Singing Alphabet Songs

It is easier for kids to learn songs with recitals and narrations. An ABC song will help your child with the pronunciation of alphabets. When your child learns to sing alphabet songs, he or she will be familiar with them and it will make it easier for the child to learn the alphabets. There are several alphabet songs for kids. Some of these songs can be learned from ABC kid’s app. Some of them can also be found on children’s TV programs. You can also purchase ABC recorded songs, play them, and sing along with your child.

2.    Play ABC games

There are several alphabet games such as the alphabet board game, alphabet words, ABC Bingo, and alphabet clothespin game. You can purchase some of these games from kids shops. These games will help your child to identify alphabets. There are also several games on ABC learning apps.

3.    Point Out Alphabets Everywhere

Make the learning process more practical by allowing your child to identify the alphabets you see on random objects. Some clothes have a few alphabets boldly written on them, let your child identify those. You can also let him or her identify alphabets on vehicles, billboards, and even buildings. You should, however, point out alphabets that mostly standalone and are boldly written. This will help you to avoid confusions and the child will clearly see what is written.

4.    Read ABC Books

You should also read out ABC books to them. The more they listen to stories about the alphabets the more they become familiar with them.

5.    ABC Hunts

You can also write the ABCs on cardboards and leave them around your home. You will then tell your child to look for them. Sometimes you can give them their favorite sweets as rewards. This will make them look forward to the hunt.

6.    ABC Rhymes

There are some ABC apps for kids that will help your child to learn the alphabets through rhymes and poems. Kids love the variety that comes with such apps and they will be drawn to them easily.

7.    Write them out creatively

You can also choose to write out the ABCs in your home. You can write those using sticky notes or paints. Write them out in fun ways and help your child to know what those letters are. You can even spell out his or her name at some point.

You should note that the learning process may not turn out as planned. The pace can be slower or the process may be even more difficult but you will need to focus on the process. Your child will begin to recite the alphabets and identify all of them. For more information, visit: http://zoolingo.net/alphabets/