5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a School in Thailand

The decision to uproot you and your family is not an easy one, and if you have children, then ensuring they get the best education when you move abroad is one of your biggest concerns. Thailand is known for offering many high-quality education establishments and is a competing country in the quest to be the center of Southeast Asia’s international education. This means there is plenty of choice when considering a school in Thailand for your children’s future, but here are five things to consider before you make that final decision.

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Bangkok Is Leading in Education

The education system in Bangkok dominates the market and there are around 160 schools. However, Bangkok is infamous for its awful traffic congestion and many families do not want to live in such a busy area. Although, new expatriates are advised to find a good school as close to their new homes as possible or at the very least near an MRT station to limit troublesome commutes.

International Schools

There are at least one or two international schools in the major cities in Thailand and Phuket currently has 12. The international schools can accommodate Primary Years Programs (PYP), Middle Years Programs (MYP) and the Diploma Program (DP). This ensures that no matter what ageyour children are, they will be able to enroll in the education system in Thailand.  Here you will find a link to the best international school in Bangkok.

Places Are in High Demand

As well as foreign nationals in Thailand who are looking for the best schools to enroll their children, many of the wealthy local families are also looking for places at Thailand’s schools. Many are unhappy with the current education system that exists nationally in Thailandand those families that can afford to pay for private school often do so. There are many schools that are in high demand and some even have waiting lists. So, it would be advisable to show your interest in a school as soon as possible.

The Tier System

The schools in Thailand follow a three-tier system and this is how international schools are ranked. Tier 1 schools are amongst the best that exist in Thailand and are usually owned by parents themselves. In a Tier 1 school, you will find mostly Western teachers who are extremely experienced and qualified. Although, as you’d expect,a tier 1 school comes with top dollar price, ranging from 400,000 baht (around $12,700) to 1,000,000 baht (around $32,000) a year.

The Curriculum

You are most likely to want the school you pick for your children to have a similar curriculum to the one they would be studying back at home. You should not feel restricted by this and should consider other curriculum options. Out of all of Thailand’s international schools, around 52% of them follow the English Curriculum, 32% follow the US-style curriculum and the remaining 14% deliver an International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

While Thailand is striving to become a dominate player in Southeast Asia’s education market, it is highly likely that the government will continue to support the development of international schools. Wherever you decide to enroll your children, ensure that your kids get a say and that they are happy with the final decision.