5 Benefits of an MBA in Accounting

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With a projected 11 percent increase in the accounting job market, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is understandable why this field is in such high demand. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are interested in pursuing Master’s degrees and higher within in-demand fields. However, the industry demand for accounting professionals is just one of the many different benefits of pursuing an online accounting MBA.

Grow Your List of Career Opportunities

A major benefit of pursuing an MBA in Accounting is the vast number of career opportunities to which you will gain access through this credential. For instance, an MBA can unlock such possibilities as becoming a business consultant, management analyst or revenue manager.

If you are more concerned with and interested in business opportunities more than jobs, you can also use a MBA in Accounting to become a Chief Operating Officer of a major corporation or even your own company.

Establish Your Own Successful Business

As mentioned above, you can establish a solid foundation for your own successful business with an MBA in Accounting. Think about the types of courses that you will have to take and pass as part of the curriculum leading to your coveted degree. For instance, this educational path will allow you to learn from an abundance of leadership classes and topics covered such as marketing management, operations management and also strategic management. Each course is designed to assist you in becoming a successful accountant and (more importantly) a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, whether you want to be hired for a high-level job position or are determined to create your own high-level position, an online accounting MBA can effectively guide you in the appropriate direction.

Receive First-Class Management Training

Another benefit of pursuing an MBA in Accounting is that you will obtain a first-class management training that specifically focuses on accounting and business finances. This type of educational credential will also give you more of a competitive edge in comparison to undergraduates that may just have a Bachelor’s degree who are interested in the same positions or career opportunities as you. You will be able to enjoy a wide range of classes that target different types and branches of management in addition to how you can benefit within each of them.

Increase Your Overall Earning Potential

As mentioned above, there is still a considerably high demand for accounting careers and business owners in today’s market. Therefore, earning an MBA in Accounting will not only allow you to take advantage of those opportunities but boost your overall earning potential once you secure a position. Studies show that those with MBAs in accounting can earn up to 25 percent more than undergraduates without this type of degree.

Prepare for the CPA Exam

In addition to the monetary benefits of pursuing an online accounting MBA, you will also be able to enjoy the educational benefits of being one step closer to becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Most states require that you complete an extensive list of high-level courses to qualify for this certification – courses that you will take as part of the MBA in Accounting curriculum.