4 Mistakes When Choosing PSLE English Tuition In Singapore

It is every parent’s goal to find the best English tuition centre in Singapore. After all, they can guarantee their children will improve their performance under their care or else they would be lying if they claimed to be the best tuition centre.

But the problem is that everyone claims to be the best at their service. To truly find the best and right one for the children, here are the mistakes parents must avoid when looking for a PSLE English tuition centre:


Some parents prioritise English tuition centres for secondary school students in Singapore with cheap offerings. Parents must be extra careful when doing this because, most of the time, frugal services don’t offer good quality.

But high cost does not always equate to high quality. The key is to find a tuition centre that gives value to your money regardless of whether they are expensive or affordable. Also, never compromise quality for cost when choosing a tuition centre for your child.


Why does knowing the attrition rate of tutors and instructors in an O level English tuition centre matter to parents? Because they can determine whether the teachers are being treated well.

There are many reasons why staff leave their employers. It could be a terrible workload, low salary, and toxic workplace. These things impact the quality of service staff give to their clients.

In the case of tutors, when they are overworked or receive a low salary, they may only give the bare minimum service. And bare minimum does not describe the best English tuition centre in Singapore.


Most parents are about the credibility of the teachers in the tuition centre, but they must not forget the facility, especially if they choose the face-to-face programme for their kids.

Are the classrooms well equipped? Do they have enough restrooms for the kids? Is the building secure? Are they CCTV cameras around and guards roaming the campus? Are the fire exits and emergency lights working?


Like schools, tuition centres have a syllabus for their programmes. The syllabus details the lessons the entire programme will cover. Basically, if the programme lacks a syllabus, it is a directionless class.

Some reliable tuition centres go beyond the syllabus. Instead of using the generic one, they create a customised one designed to address the student’s need.

Avoid these mistakes when choosing a  PSLE English tuition centre for your children.

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