4 Medical Careers That Don’t Require Med School or Pre-Med

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The medical field is among the fastest growing sectors in the United States, and you may be surprised to learn that many of these careers will not require you to spend much of your adult life chasing expensive medical degrees. In fact, you can pursue most of these careers from anywhere. If you are among the many who are looking to jumpstart your working life, then one of these positions may be right for you.  

Foot Care Specialist

Several fields in podiatry do not require a med school degree. For many of these positions, a two-year degree from a technical or business school will do. Also, schools that offer two-year programs are usually adaptable to your already busy schedule, and they tend to be more experienced in working with students who have other commitments such as work and family.

Orthotists and prosthetists design metal limbs and supports for patients. Their job is to engineer products that aid and support mobility. In 2016, this career field was expected to grow by 22 percent through 2026. That is much higher than the national average for all other career fields. The field of orthotics and prosthetics typically requires a bachelor’s degree from a Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, also known as CAAHEP, accredited program.  

This is the perfect field for nurses who are seeking to become specialists in another field.  While this training is only open to those who already are certified nurses, it is a field that is wide open. Because of changes in the way that health care is administered, there is a need for footcare specialists in Easton, PA.

Consequently, more individuals certified to treat foot ailments that can be treated by a certified clinician rather than a doctor are needed. Foot nurses typically earn about $25 an hour.  Additionally, this training can take as little as a few days. In a week’s time, qualified candidates could be on their way to a satisfying and in-demand new career.


Audiologists have a crucial role in the health care field. They solve problems that affect hearing and balance, which alone can improve someone’s social, educational, and professional prospects. For audiologists to become certified, they have to obtain a CScD, also called a clinical doctorate, rather than a Ph.D. Audiologists with one to three years experience typically earn about $65,000 a year.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners make a huge difference in the medical field. They are qualified to administer much of the care that is typically associated with physicians. For those who already have a background in nursing, becoming a nurse practitioner can increase your earnings by as much as 100 percent. Plus, this is a field that is expected to grow rapidly. In 2014, BLS estimated that this field would grow by 35 percent over a 10- year period, which is an astronomically higher growth rate than the national average for most other career fields. So, if you are looking to get into a rapidly growing medical field with great earning potential, you should consider becoming a nurse practitioner.

Medical Assistant

If you are not interested in becoming a specialist of some kind, but you still want to get into the medical field, then becoming a medical assistant may be the ideal career choice for you.  Medical assistants work with physicians in outpatient settings such as private practices and clinics. They also can find work in ambulatory fields. Typically, they earn about $30,590 annually. In 2014, this field was expected to grow by 23% over a ten year period. This is way above the national average for job growth in every field.

Whether you are looking for a Medical Assistant Diploma Program in New Jersey or California, there is a school that can fit your schedule and educational needs.

Jumpstart your career

There are numerous opportunities in the medical field for those who are not interested in attending medical school or pre-med. Many of these careers are protected from certain cons associated with being a doctor. You likely will never need a medical malpractice attorney and you won’t be saddled with the astronomical debt that comes with going to medical school. Get into the medical field without going the doctorate route. The healthcare industry is growing quickly, and it needs people like you.