Message Monitoring – Why Do We Need It and How to Organize?

Interacting with the clients on phone calls for long hours has now been a traditional method of communication plus, it can also be really tiring for the employees. It has now become convenient for the employees to have a conversation with the clients over instant text messages rather than long and tiring phone calls. This is mainly due to these few reasons: –

  1. The employees have no need now to place the call on hold in case of some disturbance in between. They can just text the client and close the app and open it again once there is a reply.
  2. The employees can conversate with clients from almost any part of the world. They just need a good internet connection.
  3. The employees do not have to be extra anxious and stressed out about their words. They can think calmly about what they want to say and when they do decide they can send the text.
  4. The most important relief that the employees have from the service of Instant Messaging is that they do not have to make decisions on the spot. They can think about what is best and then reply peacefully and accurately to the client.

How should you organize and monitor Instant Messaging?

The long phone calls which the employees make are just confined between the employee and the client. This way, the employer might not even come to know what all is going on between the employee and client, are they interacting in a professional or personal way? Is the employee good to the client or not? The only way to know about the calls is to track and then decrypt them which, in itself, is a very long and hard process.

Here is when the benefit of Instant Messaging arrives. An employer can easily track down the messages that have been exchanged between the employee and the client. However, an employer must ensure not to track the history of messages but the entire live communication itself!

Now, the question is, how can this be done without any problem and confusion arising? Well, the answer to this question is always ready!

The Work Examiner Software has some really amazing Employee Monitoring Features which help the employers to keep a close check on the activities of the employees. One such feature of the Work Examiner Software is the ability to track the conversations – which have or have not been erased – between the employees and the clients on an accurate basis. Moreover, there are convenient filters which allow you to search a conversation just by typing the particular word or time which you have in your mind.

Moreover, the software also has a feature of Screen Recording which allows the employer to watch only that fragment of the video related to the conversation which is wanted to be seen.

Is it correct to read the text messages exchanged between two people?

It is for a matter of fact really unethical to read a conversation between two people. However, when it comes to the conversation between an employee and a client, the employer is highly concerned, and, also in that case it is really not unethical to keep an eye on the conversation. It is the right of every employer to keep a close eye on the kind of work his/her employees are doing. The employees should not have any personal conversation with the clients from the work account or work computer.

However, the employees must be made aware of the fact that their activities are being monitored so that, the mutual relation of respect is not harmed.