Dreams Do Come True – Taking Baking Courses For Beginners!

‘Feel free to join baking courses for beginners,’ said my fiance. He has always supported me since I told him that I wanted to be a baker. He told me several times that there is never too late to follow your dreams, so I did. It has only been three months, and I feel like making my childhood dream come true.

Why Did I Fail To Pursue My Childhood Dreams?

I have always had a passion for baking and dreamt of starting my bakery one day (probably two to three years from now). However, my parents have always been sceptical about my choice and believe that baking is not a stable career. They have pointed out the difficulties and uncertainties that come with running a bakery, such as competition and financial instability.

Furthermore, my parents have also expressed concerns about the cost of equipment and ingredients needed to start a bakery, which they cannot afford to provide. They have encouraged me to focus on my studies and pursue a more traditional career path that is deemed more secure.

Although I am heartbroken about not being able to follow my passion, I understand my parents’ concerns and am grateful for their love and support. I have decided to focus on my studies, which allowed me to become an accountant.

After working for seven years in the accounting industry, I still want to fulfil my dreams of becoming a baker.

Reviving My Dreams

At 30 years old, I  finally leapt and enrolled in bread-making courses in Singapore. I reasoned that I should get proficient in it to perform well when I join the baking courses for beginners in the coming months. It was one of my best choices ever, believe it or not.

The classes were held in a professional kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment and ingredients provided. Our instructor was a master baker with years of experience in the baking industry. She was patient, knowledgeable, and had a passion for teaching. I was in awe of her skills and expertise and was eager to learn everything she had to offer.

The classes were not only educational, but they were also fun. We worked in small groups, which allowed us to interact with other students and make new friends. We also had the opportunity to taste each other’s creations and provide constructive feedback. It was a great way to learn from one another and build a community of bakers.

Attending bread making courses in Singapore was a life-changing experience for me. I learned many things about making bread and gained the confidence to try new recipes and techniques. I also developed a new hobby that brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment. The skills and knowledge I gained from these classes will stay with me for life.

The Bottom Line

Age is just a number. That means you are free to reach and fulfil your dreams no matter how old you become. Anyone with a passion for baking should consider taking bread making classes in Singapore.

Whether a beginner or an experienced baker, you will learn something new and have a great time doing it. Never wait and enrol at Bespoke Bread today and start fulfilling your baking dreams!