5 Benefits of Attending Belly Dance Lessons for Fitness

I had never enjoyed sweating. Furthermore, the sticky feeling after using all my effort by lifting weights or running is unbearable. However, being inactive also meant I put on more weight than others. Hence, I needed to look for a means to lose weight without feeling lazy and hating the process. That is when I discovered belly dance is also ideal for fitness. The following are the five benefits I received from attending belly dancing classes.

#1 Increased Strength & Muscle Tone

The sophisticated motions that affect the internal muscle anatomy assist muscle toning, as I have learned in my belly dance lessons at the Singapore studio. Historically, the dance movements target the core feminine muscles such as the Glutes (bottom), Obliques (stomach), and Quads (thighs). Once I got lost in the music and art form, it was a workout without feeling like I had been exercising.

#2 Improved Confidence

My confidence level naturally rose due to my improved body image and muscle tone. Moreover, belly dancing stimulates the release of endorphins and dopamine in the body, like other dance styles. I always leave the belly dance school in Singapore feeling good about my productivity and myself.

#3 Better Balance & Posture

I learned from my belly dance course in Singapore that the dance combines several motions and postures from Yoga and Pilates that engage my spine, knees, and pelvis. It trains my back, knees, and pelvis to be in the proper posture for healthy movement execution. The dance form works with the body rather than against it, offering proper alignment and poise for movement. Belly dancing also helped me relieve the stress and tension in my body. I also gained improved flexibility and learned to avoid injury to reach my best potential.

#4 Socialising

Attending a belly dance course for fitness was a terrific opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life and make new friends with a common passion. We shared our dancing journey while learning about individuals and their tales. It is a tremendous emotional lift. It is an excellent approach to learning and making deeper connections with others.

#5 Relaxing

As I mentioned above, attending belly dance lessons at a Singapore dance studio helped relieve stress and tension. We have this cool-down segment at the end of the class. Our instructor plays fascinating music for a soothing experience. It is a feminine practice that may provide the most profound expression and is almost ceremonial. It calms my mind after a hard day at work and makes me present in peaceful surroundings. This encounter was very addicting and made me want to return for more.


One of my motivations for not missing a lesson is that the belly dance studio is near me. I did not have to commute far to attend.

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