• Thursday , 26 April 2018

4 Hidden, Yet Powerful Tips to Help You Perform at Your Best in the Exams

Doesn’t matter if it is an undergraduate, or postgraduate level course exam, the prospect is both exciting and frightening at the same time. No matter how well you must have prepared for the paper, but college and university level education is a beast in itself, and you have to be at the best of your talents in order to score top grades in the term.

Fine, we know that reading the exam instructions and questions carefully is the foremost tip to perform well. But there are other considerations as well that students need to understand that would further strengthen their performance like never before.

  • Tackle the easiest questions first

The first few minutes of the exam is the time where we are most attentive. Therefore, rather than investing the time in understanding and crafting answers to particularly difficult and conceptual questions, cater the questions first that require minimum of your effort and thinking. Then proceed on to the challenging ones. Remember, the easiest questions are your best chance to bag most marks in the exam.

  • Eliminate incorrect answers

This is especially applicable in case of multiple choices questions (MCQs). Try to play smart by instead of choosing the right answer, try to eliminate incorrect or inappropriate choices first. The last man standing is the answer you have been looking for.

  • Mark key words or sentences

Try to catch and underline key words in each question, the ones that holds the core demand and requirement of the question. Apply the same thing for underlining incorrect terms used in the question. This is simply a trick played by the teachers to confuse their students gauge their critical thinking ability.

  • Conduct a memory search

At college or university level, not every question is simple enough to make the answer pop in your head right after finishing reading the paper. The tip is: don’t give up. Rather, try to dig deep in your long-term memory and see if anything relevant could be related to this tricky question. For instance, which chapter and topic does this question belongs to? Which study sheet was it put by me? Inquiring yourself will help you considerably well in remembering or devising the answer to the question.

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